Indie Publishing – Proofing My First Paperback

I’m proofing my book! Digitally for now. I have an actual paperback coming in the mail. I’m going to have to push back publication of the print version, but I’d rather do that than risk selling a book that doesn’t look the best it can possibly look.

I already see a few things I’m going to fix. Still, this is exciting. Usually I have to wait and wait and wait and wait for my paperbacks to release. Now, I have full control over this.

I may even start releasing the ebook and paperback at the same time!

I’ve said it before. Being an indie author is the equivalent to running a business. You’re a bit like a book store, publisher, author, and marketer all rolled into one. It’s fun, scary, intimidating, exhausting, and rewarding!

Stay tuned. I plan to post after I get a copy of the paperback!


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