Out of Darkness – Update

So, I have another request on Out of Darkness! One step closer…maybe…requests are never guarantees, just interest to read your entire manuscript. Which is a good thing.

This right here is why I’m sharing the author journey on FB. It’s a long one that requires patience and thick skin. I’ve gotten a number of passes on Out of Darkness, and that’s going to happen in this field. This is where the thick skin comes in. JK Rowling was rejected by nearly every publishing house that exists. I bet they’re all slapping themselves silly now! It typically takes a while to place a book when you’re looking to find an agent or new publisher.

With any book I submit to Ellora’s Cave, the process is much different. Prospective authors who submit there will have the standard, months and months of waiting for a response. Thank God I don’t have to go through that with my romance/erotic romance books. I send them on to my editor and cross my fingers that she’ll like what I send. Now here’s the sticky part. Just because she’s already my editor and has loved other things does not mean she’s going to love everything. I don’t have to wait months and months to hear back from her, but she’s is not a guaranteed yes.

But it’s all worth it cause ain’t nothing like release day, except opening email and having a letter from a reader who loves your book and wants to know when the next is coming out. Every letter I get from a reader is humbling and amazing and wonderful! It makes the often painful submission process worth it! I want even talk about getting back edits! That’s a blog for another day.

Some people have sent me questions about writing and publishing. I haven’t forgotten. I’ll get back to you very soon.



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