Cozy Mysteries


Why am I posting a pic of Lorna Barrett’s, Murder is Binding? Because the book is fantastic and because my current WIP is a Cozy Mystery. I’ve loved cozies for a years, now. There’s nothing like a good mystery on a cold day..on a rainy day…on a sunny day! You can even find cozies on TV. Ever see, Mystery Woman? Awesome show, by the way.

My last book, Tainted Love, started out as an Urban Fantasy. I sold it to Ellora’s Cave, a romance/erotic romance publishing house, as a romance, so it’s considered a Paranormal Romance, now. Urban fantasy or Paranormal Romance, I’ve noticed some distinct differences in writing paranormal as opposed to a Cozy Mystery. For one thing, the list of suspects for cozies don’t have to be so serious. You can have fun and throw in eccentric characters. In paranormal, the whole feel is a bit different. I originally had an entire sub-plot in Tainted Love that was goofy & fun, but I ended up removing it because it didn’t fit the tone of the book.

The setting for Tainted Love is a futuristic earth. The book takes place in a few different cities, but with the cozy, the quaint town the story takes place in is as much a character as my heroine and supporting cast.

This has been a lot of fun to write! A much needed change from Tainted Love. Though, I’m sure once I finish this I’ll be ready to delve back into the world of Remy and her Tainted Love crew.

Happy Reading!


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